E-Lectra is a spin-off company of the University of Cassino
and South Lazio and part of FAIST Group, focused on advanced Engineering
Solutions for Automotive and Energy Applications.

E-Lectra was founded in November 2019 as a “spin-off” company of the University of Cassino and South Lazio. FAIST Group represents the major shareholder of E-Lectra, which acts as research and development section of the “Electronics” Business Units of FAIST.

Major facilities are located in Cassino, Italy, where both the official headquarter and the operative division are located. The internal laboratory is equipped with Hardware in the Loop platform, controlled power supply, test bench, etc… Also, E-Lectra can use several facilities of the University of Cassino and South Lazio, like:

– anechoic chamber, for EMC compliance test;
– industrial electronics laboratory;
– industry automation and electric vehicles laboratory.

Besides, a test facility for electric go-kart and small vehicles, located near Cassino, is used as official test-track.

The official team of E-Lectra is based on a group of experts, who achieved the PhD in the field of industrial electronics and transportation electrification. The group is leaded by Giuseppe Tomasso, full professor at University of Cassino and South Lazio, with a solid experience in the field of design and implementation of powertrain and equipment for hybrid and electric vehicles. He also founded other 3 start-up’s in the last ten years.


Prof. Giuseppe Tomasso

Dr. Claudio Pezzimenti

Dr. Eng. Mauro Di Monaco

Dr. Eng. Umberto Abronzini
Project Manager

Qualitative standards applied to the production
of goods in almost all industrial sectors
have increased over the decades…