commercial BMS testing
CHIP testing

high performances passive BMS design and implementation
active BMS

SOC and SOH estimation
data logging

  • microcontrollers
  • chips by Texas Instruments:
  • BQ77PL900 (chip),
  • BQ77PL900EVM (EB)
  • BQ76PL455 (chip),
  • BQ76PL455EVM (EB)
  • Linear chips
    • LTC6813-1 (chip),
    • DC2350A-B (EB)
  • modular BMS

E-lectra modular passive bms

Dual cell measurement on each channel
Advanced reversible isoSPI™ (>3.5x speed)
Passive cell balancing with Internal MOSFETs
9 general use digital I/O or analog inputs
Designed for hot plug cells
Fully supports ASIL D systems

Qualitative standards applied to the production
of goods in almost all industrial sectors
have increased over the decades…